Communicate in real time - Increase productivity and execute faster across distributed teams

Support any remote customer and team through ad-hoc or on-demand webinar session.
It requires no prior installation. Your invitee can join the session through email invite or website easily from any platform. It is very suitable for working with standard and one-time new participants. Interface is very intuitive and has high percentage of acceptances of managers, employees, clients and partners. Managers are ready to use after 15 minutes of training. New users are ready to use it immediately or after reading a short instruction.



Web Collab Functionalities

Share your live meeting with your clients and colleagues from around the globe. It enables you to start or schedule video conferencing and audio meetings at your choice and set and share meeting agenda, invite attendees from inside and outside and monitor all meeting activities.

  • Send Email Invitations and Start the Webinar. Just enter meeting details and the email addresses of your attendees and you’re ready to go. Participants will receive an email with meeting details and a link to join your meeting. Of course everyone presence is visible to you! As well, it requires no prior installation on clients.
  • Customize Your Screen or Apply It to Others. You could start your webinar with face to face meeting on the whole screen, then upload files and present them on part of the screen, or on the whole screen, send personal or group text chat messages, do live polls and present polls results.
  • Attach and Present Files In Webinars. Share any information, project, task updates or ideas and attach files. Keep track of the people, groups, and projects that matter most to you in one place.
  • White boarding. During webinar users can draw and take notes on whiteboard or on uploaded documents.
  • Share Anything on Your Screen. Simply start screen sharing and display anything from your computer, including applications demos and websites.
  • Recording the Meting. Record your meeting with one click and nobody misses out. Record whole meeting or some of most important parts. If you are recording whole presentation accompanied with slides, you could latter review only parts of presentation related to some slides.
  • Attach Recorded Webinars to Tickets in SQM. Your webinars could serve as instructions to teams for complex projects and tasks, but also could serve as weekly reviews or counselling records with clients and your partners. Such option could serve as good backup for different misunderstandings.
  • Take Notes and Action Items in Webinar and SQM. During webinar keep track of critical meeting decisions, action items and information, publicly and privately. Once the meeting is over, all notes save in SQM and it will be automatically emailed to you and your attendees as guide.
  • A Private Workspace for your Team. Create Groups if you have some important information that you wish to share only with your team or with co-workers who are involved in a particular project.
  • Company Stream. Company stream is stream of activities happening in your company. It is aggregation of all activities in one place.
  • Information Feed. Know who is working on what and participate in discussions to engage and share your thoughts with everyone.
  • Private Messages. You can start a private conversation with one or many colleagues, adding additional participants at any time.
  • Webinar Poll Feature. Poll is another great way to engage your audience. Get instant insights to your new ideas during Webinars. It is an easy way to gauge the pulse of a view-point with your audience. Also you could use Poll feature while testing the understanding and knowledge of your team.

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