Electronics Development

We offer a complete electronics design service, from idea and concept to fully functional prototype that integrates analog, digital and microprocessor electronics.

• Components selection and schematics capture
• Analog and digital electronics design
• Circuit simulation
• PCB design (multilayer, high speed, rigid-flex)
• Bill of materials
• Testing
• 3D printing of assembly parts

Firmware Development

Our team has wide experience in developing custom firmware solutions with various microcontroller platforms.

• Programming wide range of MCUs including ARM Cortex M0-M7, Microchip, ATMEL, STM, 8051
• C/C++, Assembly
• Code optimization
• Driver layer, custom application layer, integration
• Testing and debugging

Software Development

Our team has been engaged in software development of different devices with Bluetooth, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, GSM/GPRS, GPS and touch screen.

• Desktop application development in PHP, java
• Cloud applications based on Linux, PHP, JavaScript
• Android smartphone application development in Java
• IOS and OSX application development in Swift
• MySQL database
• Desktop apps for interaction with hardware device
• GUI design

Electronics Manufacturing

Client can save time and effort by letting us take care of everything. We believe that no one knows better to assemble certain product than the inventor himself, from making few prototypes to mass production

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