Why Team as a Service?

  • If your company is growing rapidly
  • If new and new projects keep on arising, and the size of the project exceeds the possibilities of your in-house team
  • If you have a lot of opened IT vacancies and it’s rather hard to fill them with appropriate candidates
  • If you have strict time limits and you have no time for forming your internal team
  • If you have limited budget or resources to expand your IT department
  • If you require some specific expertise or skills, that are not in area of your specialization

What includes Team as a Service and what it can bring to your business?

We provide you with remote team of software developers or any other type of specialists, that meet all your requirements and to work on your projects as a part of your own team. Our typical Team as a Service profile is:

  • 1 x Project manager
  • 3 x Developers
  • 1 x QA Tester

Your team will have separate office space, NDA agreements with team members, permanent video conferencing. Our prices are very competitive in comparision to larger outsourcing companies or inhouse employments in EUR and North America. You are able to focus on productivity and profit while we help you to easily setup team of professionals and project development.

  • Team as a Service can help you to solve multiple business tasks:
  • It can increase your hiring speed dramatically so you can start and deliver your projects in time)
  • Decrease hiring risks (all the issues connected with employees is a responsibility of us)Decrease costs

Team as a service includes:

  • People selection according to your requirements, interviewing, skill tests
  • Administrative and operational services
  • Workplace arrangements and set up
  • Security set-up and maintenance and High intellectual property protection
  • HR support for your team (adaptational, motivational, team-building activities upon request)

Whether it’s to discuss your project and Team as a Service engagement,
or just to say “Hello,”we’d love to hear from you.

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